Prof. John Cooper
Australian Advisor to Thai Government on Valuation

Professor Cooper taught valuation since 1972 at the University of South Australia for over 23 years. Actually, he started his valuation career in 1954 at the New South Department of Railways. He has had extensive experience in valuation education and consultancy services in Thailand, as an advisor to the Department of Lands during 1995-2000, Malaysia as a professor at the University of Technology of Malaysia (1992-1995) and Indonesia in an Australian valuation training project (2001-2002).

His selected publications include “A study of the Implications of Formulation of a Policy on Levying Local Government Rates in the City of Unley”, “Calculator Applications in Valuation Practices”, “the Identification of Residential Real Estate Sub-markets from Census Data”, “A Statistical Based Approach to Valuation”. In addition, he has presented a large number of conference papers around the world. His major interests tend to focus on the uses of statistical and econometric analysis to the understanding of real estate market phenomena. He is really an expert in computer assisted appraisal and modeling and has maintained the experience in this area continuously.