Dr. Om Rajbhandary
President, the BRIHAT Investment

Dr.Om Rajbhandary, with over thirty years of experience, has been at the forefront of Nepal’s real estate sector. As the Executive Chairman of Brihat Group, he has led the development of numerous housing projects and has also actively contributed his real estate expertise to academic institutions. Additionally, Dr. Rajbhandary has been instrumental in organizing training programs and conducting research on various aspects of the real estate field. Alongside his role as a dedicated entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he passionately mentors startups, aiding their business expansion and growth.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Dr. Rajbhandary was honored with the Professional Doctoral Certificate Award in Global Leadership & Management from the European International University. Beyond real estate and entrepreneurship, Dr. Rajbhandary’s philanthropic initiatives have played a pivotal role where he exemplifies the values of empathy, compassion and social responsibility. With his unwavering dedication and transformative vision, Dr. Rajbhandary continues to leave a mark on the landscape of real estate and philanthropy.