Mass Appraisal: A Practical Guide for Appraisers (AP150)

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A Knowhow for bank valuers for desktop valuation, government assessors for ad valorem taxation or land expropriation, appraisers and consultants, as well as land consolidators and investors worldwide.


This class will cover
- The similarities/differences between single-property appraisal and mass

- The components and processes of a mass appraisal system including

  data requirements and analysis
- An introduction to statistics
- How to develop and use assessment ratio studies in mass appraisal
- The use of the Cost Approach, Sales Comparison

  Approach and income Approach to value models in mass appraisal
- Aspects to consider in selecting a mass appraisal
- CAMA management issues to be addressed in mass appraisal

- CAMA examples from five countries


This class will be run during Monday, December 13 to Friday, December 17 for three hours per day.


Day 1, Monday, December 13

- Introduction/Overview to Mass Appraisal
- Mass Appraisal Modeling
- Data Management
- Data Collection & Management
- Data Analysis in Mass Appraisal


Day 2, Tuesday, December 14

- Data Concepts, Analysis & Tools
- Ratio Studies in Mass Appraisal
- Sales Ratio Studies
- Data Management
- Ratio Studies in Mass Appraisal
The Cost Approach


Day 3, Wednesday, December 15

- Fundamental statistical analysis for CAMA


Day 4, Thursday, December 16

- Sales Comparison Approach  
- Key Issues in Mass Appraisal
- Mass Appraisal Modeling
- Multi Regression Analysis
The Income Approach


Day 5, Friday, December 17

- Panel discussion of CAMA examples from five countries 


Our School
Thai Real Estate Business School (TREBS) is a specialized school devoted to the multidisciplinary study of real estate management, valuation, surveying, and property development. TREBS has its primary objective to enhance the development of efficient management personnel skilled in property valuation and related subjects in the area of real estate in Thailand. TREBS has conducted a number of training courses and seminars such as the well-known four-day training course on property valuation. Factors enabling TREBS to success in conducting these training courses and seminars are the valuation knowledge learn the formal training delivered by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and our rich experience from valuation and research in the field over the last 20 years.


Our Instructors:
Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, PhD D.FIABCI MRICS
Dr.Sopon has had experience in real estate research and valuation since 1982. He teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in training courses in Thailand and abroad and has been a consultant to the ESCAP, UN-Habitat, World Bank and other international organizations. He is currently the President of FIABCI Thailand, the Thai Appraisal Foundation and the Agency for Real Estate Affairs, and the Director of Thai Real Estate Business School. His research master pieces include the roadmap for valuation profession for Ministry of Finance, Vietnam (2006), the consultancy service to Ministry of Finance, Indonesia (2008), World Bank Indonesia (2010), the consultancy service to Ministry of Finance, Cambodia (2012), UN World Cities (2015) and Global Municipal (2017).


Mr.Gino Mitrione, FAPI (Val) MRICS
Mr.Mitrione is an experienced appraiser. Hewas the Manager Property & Valuation Services at City of Whittlesea, Melbourne, Australia. He has had mass appraisal experience while working for City of Moreland, City of Werribee and the like. He had over 25 years of experience. He graduated directly in valuation from the RMIT University. He also very keens in green infrastructure, feasibility studies, local government appraisals, property acquisition and management of commercial real estate. He is also affiliated to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the International Association of Assessing Officers, the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society and the Australian Property Institute.


Registration Fee: USD 300 

CONTACT: Ms.Monthida Riabriang, Program Coordinator,

Tel. (+66) 2295.2294 Ext. 104

E-mail: monthida@thaiappraisal.org or info@trebs.ac.th

USD 300

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Mr. Gino Mitrione
Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai