AP100: Effective Analytical Tools for Successful Real Estate Investments

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This course provides you effective analytical tools for real estate investment purposes with reliable valuation techniques at international standards.  You will be confident in successful real estate analysis and investments.

Learn How to:

  1. Grasp the market situation properly for investment decision.
  2. Calculate land rent or building rent: long-term / short-term.
  3. Calculate land rent for different agricultural and commercial purposes.
  4. Price properties properly even in a situation of limited information.
  5. Understand costs of construction, building age and depreciation.
  6. Economic & physical ages and the decision on old buildings.
  7. Make decision on old buildings: rebuild or renovate.
  8. Build a model to estimate land value in a whole jurisdiction.
  9. Conduct feasibility study (cashflow) for a housing estate development.
  10. Value feng shui, beauty and related intangible assets to assets.


  1. To train the participants thoroughly and comprehensively on understanding the practical tools to value properties.
  2. To learn case studies on how to value properties in real practice.
  3. To help establish a network among participants to learn more about investing in investment properties.

Who should attend:

  1. Property agents, brokers, consultants, valuers and other real estate professionals
  2. Property owners and investors, individual or institutional owners/investors
  3. Officers of central or local governments related to real estate,
  4. Bankers or financiers or other financial service providers for loan purposes,
  5. Other interested persons

Prerequisite: Not required
Participants: The expected number of participants is 30-50.
Means of Training:

Lectures, questions and answers, home works and discussion and case studies for problem solving from the participants (required).

Conducting in: Conducted in English

  1. Collection of course materials and PPT.
  2. Selected readings

After the seminar, the certificate of attendance will be given.

The Program:

Day 1: August 11, 2019

  • Fundamentals of real estate and real property
  • ASEAN property markets and implication
  • Property cycles and the booms and busts of real estate
  • Pricing and the 10 Principles of Value and Valuation
  • Global standard practices of valuation / Appraisal
  • The Cost Approach to Value – An Aggregation Model

Day 2: August 12, 2019

  • The Market Approach to Value – A Logical Model
  • WQS Technique (Weighted Quality Score)
  • Computer-assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA)
  • Rule of Thumb and factors of land value
  • Case study on modeling on price analysis
  • The Hypothetical Development Analysis (Residual Techniques)

Day 3: August 13, 2019

  • The Income Approach to Value – A Simulation Model
  • Value of money in time
  • A case study of Feng Sui / Beauty
  • A case study of a green office building
  • A case study of a serviced apartment
  • A case study of a hotel
  • Ethics and personal & corporate brand building of valuers and agents
  • Certificate of Attendance Handling


Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, PhD D.FIABCI MRICS
Director, Thai Real Estate Business School (www.trebs.ac.th)
President, FIABCI-Thai
Council Member, ASEAN Real Estate Network Alliance (ARENA)
Representative, International Association of Assessing Officers
Member, Global Valuation Forum, the Appraisal Foundation (USA)
You can find his personal profile more in

Fee is USD 650

Remark: Discount 10% when attendant gets their friend to attend and 10% discount for previous seminar attendance.


Thai Real Estate Business School in Bangkok +66-2295-2294 E-mail: monthida@thaiappraisal.org  or info@trebs.ac.th

USD 650

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