The 8th Int'l Workshop: Realistic Affordable Housing Approaches for the Poor

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Ban Mankong, a UN Award program, failed. Only for privileged poor.
Ban Eua-Arthorn, a million housing units faied due to unreal demand.
Land sharing is a failure. There are only some atypical success.
Angels who helped the poor got awards but the poor got nothing.
Come and learn better approaches to help the poor and the country at large.

In India, Mother Teresa graciously helped the poor in her whole life, providing relief to thousands of people. However, slums still exist in Calcutta and every other major city in India. Even if there were a thousand Mother Teresa, slum problems would not fundamentally be solved. In fact, the situation in slums typically worsens over time. However, some countries have experienced a shrinkage in the number of slums because of the contributions of the private sector.

Come and exchange ideas with internationally acclaimed experts. Finding out new solutions for your country's low-income housing policy, penetrating market niches in local context, and responding to the needs of the poor without wasting state resources. (Limited to only 40 participants).

DAY 1:
August 6, 2019
16:30 Registration (until 18:00)
18:00 Welcome Reception
DAY 2: August 7, 2019
08:00 Assembly at the School
08:30 Start the Visit
09:30 Study visit to Ban Eua-Arthorn, Rangsit Klong 3
11:00 Study visit to Low-priced owner-occupied apartments
12:00 Travel to Lunch
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Start to study visit
14:00 Bon Kai slum solution
15:00 Rama IV slum land sharing
16:00 Klong Toey Highrise apartments for slums
17:00 Visit Klong Toey slum
18:00 End of Day 3
DAY 3: Wed, August 8, 2019
09:00 Introduction to the Program
09:45 Morning Refreshment
10:00 Case Studies: Failed Conventional Approaches to House the Poor
• 1950's public housing: Limited supplies and wrong target groups
• 1960's walk-up apartments: Imitation of western social housing 
• 1970's sites-and-serviced scheme: Worldwide application and failure
• 1980's slum improvement program: Insignificant changes in real terms
• 1990's land sharing program: Exception cannot be made norm
• 2000's Ban Mankong and Ban Eua-Arthorn program: Benefiting the Privileged
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Actual Shrinkage of Urban Slums in Selected Cities: Why and How?
• Kuala Lumpur
• Mumbai
• Seoul
• Singapore
• Tokyo
14:45 Afternoon Refreshments
15:00 The New Policy: Enabling the Private Sector to House the Poor - Worldwide Observation
16:30 End of Day 2
DAY 4: Thu, August 9, 2019
09:00 Case Studies: Successful Private Sector Initiatives in Bangkok
• Percent of slum housing in Bangkok, 43% in 1960 and 3% in 2005 
• Percent of private housing in Bangkok, 3% in 1974 to 40% in 2005
• Formal housing (1970-2005), 2 mil. and 0.14 units by the private and public sectors
• A site of a former inner-city slum of 1,500 homes in late 1950's compared with the existing
uses to ensure that it should not be kept.
• Even dwellers in an exceptional land-owner slum would like to move out of it due to
substandard condition and environment.
• Units in owner-occupied condominium projects in the fringe where the rent is even lower
than that in slums in prime location.
• A high-rise condominium built for slum dwellers to compensate for the removal of them which is a good example of compensation.
10:30 Morning Refreshments
10:45 Tool 1: Housing Finance Required for Private Initiatives, An International Analysis
11:30 Tool 2: Land Readjustment Scheme, Adding More Land Supplies
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Tool 3: Construction Technology for Mass Housing
13:45 Tool 4: Modeling of Mass Appraisal for the Relocation of Slums
14:30 Afternoon refreshment
14:45 Tool 5: Rental Housing, an Alternative in Transitional Provision
15:30 Tool 6: Efficient Data Centre on Slums
16:15 General Discussion
17:00 End of the Workshop

Registration Fee:

  • An early-bird Registration fee is USD 650, Within May 31, 2019.
  • Normal fee is USD 750, Since June 1, 2019.
  • Onsite fee is USD 800.

Please fill in the registration form and see payment details at our website: https://www.trebs.ac.th/en/register.php?id=38. This fee includes the cost of lectures, materials, and field transportation, lunches and refreshments during the whole program. It does not include the cost for accommodation and travel arrangements.

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