Previous Study Visit, 5/2003 Housing, Bangkok-Pattaya.
September 24-27, 2003
NHA New Town - Bang-Phee (On the way to Pattaya: Speech of Mr. Thanongsak Wikul, Director)
Lunchtalk with the Governor of the National Housing Authority NHA Ms. Chuanpis Chaimueanwong
Government Housing Bank GHB: (Discussion with the Vice President of the Government Housing Bank GHB Mr. Kamonpop Veerapala)
Alcazar Show
National Housing Authority NHA: (Visit the office of the National Housing Authority and meet the Deputy Governor Mr. Pornsak Boonyodom)
Farewell Dinner at Chinese Restaurant, Montien Hotel
Pruk Pirom (Low-cost Housing: a townhouse project in the fringe of Bangkok)
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