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the CPD Program
International Workshop 5/2005
Housing the Poor through the Private Sector
July 11-14, 2005, Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr.Vichai Viratkaphan, Faculty of Architecture, Thammasat University was invited to speak at the conference on Shrinkage of Urban Slums.
All participants were intending listen the narration “Housing the poor through the private sector“.
Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, President of Thai Appraisal Foundation was invited to speak at the workshop seminar “ Housing the poor through the private sector ” at Cattleya conference room, the Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
Mr.Ballobh Kritayanavaj, Senior Vice President of Government Housing Bank was explaining about the working system and a part of process of Government Housing Bank, GHV, Bangkok, Thailand.
Ms.Buppha was received a souvenir from a delegate at TANOM MIT PARK PROJECT.
The townhouse project in the fringe of Patumthani, Thailand. ( At PREUKSA 13 Estate ).
Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, President of Thai Appraisal Foundation was singing a song on Racha Cruise,Chao Praya River.
Every participant was joined to sing a song (KARAOKE) on Racha Cruise,Chao Praya River..
Dr. Pratak Simapichaicheth, President of Land Institute Foundation, founder and VP of VAT was joined to take a photo with all participants.
Comment feed back from participants.
- It way a very enlighttening and informative, most of the presentation are informating and well informed professionals.
- Venue or hotel accommoation are good standard.
- Very informative.
- Good details or presentation.
- The workshop was very well organized.
- Good program or topic.
- It was so nice to see the beautiful place.


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