Testimonials Form Past International Study Visit and Workshops
Participants from previous eight study visits
Mr.Liao Junping, Vice President, China Institute of Real Estate Appraisal and Agency, China
  • The professor is an excellent, professional and patient tutor.
  • We have learnt more from his course.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to learn and to know so, many friends.
Mr.Khamphanh Pavongviengkham, Valuer, Department of Lands, Ministry of Finance, Laos
  • Iím glad to join with you.
  • I can get some knowledge from these it can help my job.
  • I hope that I could joint with you next time.
Ms.Helen Yanbin Wu, Consultant of Tax Appraisal Project, China Appraisal association, China
  • This program is quite useful for the correct and analysis data.
  • Itís very modern for me.
  • I think I should be practice more by myself more in the future.
  • Also your program make me know hoe to use it and use for.
  • I hope that next time I will fine to attending more.
Mr.Soukkasem Lomathmanyvong, Valuation Consultant Lao Land Titling project, Department of Land (Lao P.D.R.) Laos
  • Both of the Symposium and CAMA workshops had provided opportunities for sharing of experiences.
  • They were forums for discussion with an international atmosphere.
Mr.Dao Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Chief of Research and Training Department, the Southern Information and Valuation Centre, Vietnam
  • Good organization and assistant the participants and information.
Ms.Norzanah Hambali, Land Officer Land Department, Ministry of Development, Brunei
  • The symposium is on eye-opener, interesting enjoyable and full of knowledge from different countries
Mr.Phounsavath Souphida, Head of Valuation Department of Land, Laos
  • We would like to say thanks so much and we are really to join with you any time to get knowledge.
Ms.Nuantha Sitthipanya, Vluer Department of Lands, Ministry of Finance, Laos
  • An opportunity has been to attend to join the first of symposium at Bangkok.
  • I fell very glad, there are friendly so many kind of technical of valuation especially mass appraisal from presenter many country.
  • I believe that I can get some of technical to update my VIS in Lao to be given it up.
Mr.Mohd Safie, Assoc. Prof., University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
  • I am very impressed with the effort of organizers in gathering experts all over the world to discuss issues and problems related property valuation.
Ms.Naomi T.Simion, Chief Control Officer, Housing Administration Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Namibia
  • Thank for your organizing.
  • This time we visited and project in Pattaya and near Bangkok, Iíve learnt more from those selected projects including condos, houses and industrial buildings.
Participants from previous seven study visits
Mr.Herwin Adriansyah, Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates, Indonesia
  • It gives me inspiration and opens my vision how to define the problems about housing the poor.
Mr.Abdi Akbar, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • Housing the poor gives more benefits for everybody and good services and nice workshop.
Marilu Alferez, President, Subdivision and Housing Developers Association
  • The course is well developed and comprehensive.
  • The organizers especially Pat and Bettina are all so efficient and very helpful.
  • The service and amenities accordant us are indeed first class / world class.
  • Schedule too tight: more time for shopping; Pattaya is good relaxation.
Benjamin L.Anderson, Principal, Anderson Consulting Group LLC., USA.
  • Very well organized and very good value.
  • I learned a great deal in a very pleasant environment.
Shusei Aoki, Tokyo Godo Kantei, Japan
  • It was a precious chance for foreigners to visit some official bureau such as National Department of Lands.
  • Thai Appraisal Foundation is the only organization of conducting such a study visit.
  • On top of that, every staff member was so kind and helpful, I did not feel any inconveniences during the study visit.
  • I hope to participate in study visits which will be held in the future.
Mr.Naresh Raj Aryal, Deputy Chief Officer, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Nepal
  • It was so nice to see the beautiful place.
JJ Atencio, Firm Builders Realty, the Philippines
  • Housing projects in the Philippines is not so different from Thailand.
  • What is different is that Thailand has a housing bank, and so there should be more focus on this.
Andrea Bernhard, Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc., the Philippines
  • Well organized.
  • Pat and Bettina really worked hard and no matter how tired they were, they were still smiling and full of zest.
  • The tour guide was amusing.
Vincent Castro, Deputy Comm, Marinas public land authority, North Marinas Island
  • Very information course that will help discover difference ways to valuate a property.
John Cirincione, Appraisal Institute, USA
  • I want to thank you and your staff for the success of the International Real Estate Study Visit.
  • It was special to meet new friends and build relationships with the Thai Appraisal Foundation Staff and conference participants.
  • A very rewarding and educational experience with first-class lodging facilities and meals.
  • The Thai Appraisal Foundation staff members were very well prepared and extremely supportive throughout the program.
Adrian Crivii, National Associaion of Romanian Valuers
  • I had a very good time in Bangkok and I consider that your Study Visit was a successful project.
  • Thank you very much for this, I shall recommend this project to others.
  • Please let me know the next time you plan to organise an event in Bangkok.
Bernie Davis, Managing Director Property Valuer, R CiR Valuations, South Africa.
  • Many thanks to all members of your foundation.
  • We were overwhelm by your hospitality and generosity .
  • We will be back!
Ms.Trina Marie Gamo, Business Development Manager, Jardine Properties INC, Philippine
  • This is a great course.
  • We are enjoy a lot.
Mr.Choa Guillermo, President, Property Company of Friends, INC, Philippine
  • Very informative.
Ahmad Uzir Haji Sabtu, Valuation Officer, Land Department, Brunei Darussalam
  • I enjoy the program.
  • It gives ideas how people from other countries carry out real estate work.
Mr.Hendrik Halomoan, Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates, Indonesia
  • This seminar gives us opportunity to explore Thailand experiences in housing, industry and especially housing low-income.
Roland Igbinaba, National Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria
  • From the site visits to classroom teaching, the seminar was worth every cent spent.
  • There is so much for me to take back to Nigeria.
Dr.Iskandar Ismail, Regroup Co., Malaysia
  • I found the study to be an excellent opportunity to network, to learn how universal real estate issues are resolved in the Thai context and, to be in the warm company of the beautiful people of Thailand.
Khazani bin Ismail, National Property Information Centre - Pahang, Malaysia
  • It was very happy with your team in Bangkok last week.
  • Thank you so much for excellent hospitality and arrangement of discussion / visit to all destination being made.
Johari Bin Ismail, National Property Information Centre - Kedah, Malaysia
  • I would like to thanks for your hospitality during our Study Visit and I've enjoyed very much.
Graeme Jay, College of Property Management and Development, South Africa
  • This conference was well organized.
  • Topics were very interesting and relevant.
  • It was gret to hear from leaders in the fileld.
Prof.Liao Junping, Deputy Secretary-General, China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Institute, Zhongshan University, China
  • It is very useful for the valuation professionals and rich in knowledge about valuation.
Mr.Safrul Kamaludin, Putra Alam Hrncana (Developer), Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • I'm very glad I can join this seminar and know more about Thai properties.
Roy Bayani C. Lachica, Lphi, the Philippines
  • The ISV is a good venue for developers like us to acquire ideas from other developers in our neighboring countries.
  • We can compare / get inputs so that we can consider it back home.
  • I hope to participate in the 3th ISV.
Jeff Lawrence, Neb Bank, South Africa
  • It was really impressed by the extraordinary effort by the organizers to ensure we enjoyed the conference.
Eng-chong Lim, Henry Butcher Lim & Long Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Thank you for your program which meet my interests of meeting developers, property investments companies, and visiting of projects of distinction.
  • Hope to meet you again soon.
Winifred Lim, Filinvest Land Inc., The Philippines
  • The International Study Tour opened our eyes to Bangkokís fast recovery in the real estate sector of the economy.
  • How the government is helping by bringing the interest rate down to the lowest / very affordable level.
  • More power to TREBS
Mr.Richad Lusted, CEO, Siam real estate, Phuket, Thailand
  • A must course for anyone involved in property Dr. John Cooper Ďs knowledge is immense and conducts a very professional course.
Ms.Ethel Matenge - Sebesho, General Management Education and Training, Home Loan Guarantee Co., Ltd, South Africa
  • It was a very enlightening and informative, most of the presentation are informating and well informed professionals.
Tinus Nel, Managing Director, De Leeuw Africa Valuers PTY Ltd, South Africa.
  • The papers were well presented and the quality of speakers was also excellent.
Ms.Dian Novianty, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • Iím happy to be in Bangkok because I learn about housing the poor with site visit that can see around the city and housing development.The places, foods, and accommodation are good.
  • Actually Iím satisfy and happy with this workshop and gives me more exploration about housing.
Ms.Dwi Novitayeni, Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates, Indonesia
  • This workshop is really good.
  • The speakers are the professional that I can learn many things from them which improve my knowledge.
Mr.Fazlan Othman, Property officer, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation, Brunei
  • Warm, kind, patience and dedicated staff.
  • I am impressed with the whole package.
  • Dr.Charles S.O.Okoye, Managing Director/CEO, UBN.
  • Property Company Limited, Nigeria Good program and topic.
Ernesto C. Quiamco, Erco Properties Inc., the Philippines
  • have joined and participated in Study Visits in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Germany and now in Bangkok Ė your itinerary, hotels and food are all excellent.
  • But the most excellent are the persons we have meet like Pat (coordinator) and companions.
Ms.Elizabeth Riswanti, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • Iím glad that I can join this workshop.
  • This is my first time to join International Workshop.
  • Itís very good
James Robinson, Weichert Reaftors, USA
  • This was the best organized seminar I have evr attended.
  • The staff is highly professional and extremely concerned about every participants's interests.
  • The hospitality and the Bangkok experience is unfortable.
Epifanio N.Santillan, Jr., Planters Db Properties Inc., the Philippines
  • The Accommodation and tour guide facility provided were excellent.
Ajwad Shakeel, Civic Engineer, MCPW, Maldives.
  • The study visit is excellent.
  • I thank all those who are involved in organizing this trip for their excellent work and hope that they would continue to organize such program.
, Chowalambos Shambartas Housing Finance Corporation, Cyprus
  • Excellent organization, excellent hospitality and very useful materials.
Mr.Robinson Sitanggang, Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates, Indonesia
  • It is good to attend this seminar.
  • It enhances my knowledge and enriches my way of thinking about housing the poor.
Neil Speirs, Cityscope Publications, Australia
  • The tour was entertaining as well as instructive.
  • Your keynote speakers were senior executives with total knowledge of their subjects.
  • The management people at the sites we visited of course knew their own projects thoroughly, and were very patient in answering all our questions and showing us around.
  • It was good to have both a couple of organised evenings and a couple of evenings of free time.
  • I learned a lot, I made some valuable contacts, and I had a great time--you canít ask for more than that.
Jennylle Tupaz, Joel Punzalan, Roy Lachica, Lphi, the Philippines
  • The Study Tour has been very informative and enlightening.
  • The coordinators have been very helpful, accommodating and friendly.
Pierre Welch, United States Department of State, USA
  • I'd like to thank you for conducting such a wonderful presentation.
  • The offering was a perfect introduction for someone like me who is beginning to familiarize themselves with the Bangkok real estate market.
  • I found the education sessions to be very helpful and informative.
  • Being so "hands on" with the various tours was ideal for the tangible nature of real estate.
Agoes Widjanarko, Public Work Department, Indonesia
  • The International Study Visit will grow like snowball, well exchange and interesting.
  • The program itself is good, we met everybody who responsible / who in charge.
Mr.Amri, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • You give us knowledge and experiences much more that I imagine before.
  • Always success in the future is my hope to you.
  • I need to come again and keep in touch with your programs.
Mr.Budiwina, Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
  • Good workshop
Iwati, National Institute of Valuation (INSPEN)
  • It is indeed the networking that now is very important.
  • Sharing of knowledge and information for the benefit of all.
  • It was a great effort and a fruitful one.
  • We were exposed to a lot of information and it is really appreciated.
Ms.Zarina, Economic officer, Ministry of Finance, Brunei
  • CAMA - It is a very useful appraisal program and fitting the explanation in 15 minutes is enough to crunching.
Participants from previous six study visits
 ABC Real Estates Limited, Bangladesh
 Adoma Development Co., Malaysia
 Anderson Consulting Group LLC., USA.
 Appraisal Institute, USA.
 Bank Tabungan Negara, Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
 Borland Development Corporation, Philippines
 Century 21 Advantage Gold, USA.
 China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Institute, Zhongshan University, China
 Cityscope Publications Pty Ltd, Australia
 Cumrub, Malaysia
 De Leeuw Africa Valuers PTY Ltd, South Africa.
 ERCO Properties, Inc., Philippines
 Filinvest Land, Inc., Philippines
 Fortune Mart, Inc., Philippines
 Government Housing and Human Settlement Agency of east Java, Indonesia
 Government Service Insurance System, Philippines
 Habitat Builders Ltd., Bangladesh
 HD Architect & Associates, Malaysia
 Henry Butcher Lim & Long Sdn. Bhd.,
 Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBAG Fund), Philippines
 Home Loan Guarantee Co., Ltd. South Africa
 Housing Finance Corporation, Cyprus
 I.P. Real Estate Asset Management (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore
 Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, Kenya
 Jardine Land Inc., Philippines
 Jardine Properties INC, Philippine
 Juruukur Bersama Co.,
 K.K.I.P. Sdn Bhd.,
 Karambunai Resorts Sdn Bhd,
 Kinawill Development Sdn. Bhd.,
 Land Department, Brunei Darussalam
 LPHI, Philippines
 Marinas public land authority, North Marinas Island
 Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, Malaysia
 Mbabane City Council, Swaziland
 MCPW, Maldives.
 Ministry of Finance, Brunei
 Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction, Cambodia
 Ministry of Settlement and Infrastructure, Indonesia
 National Association of Romanian Valuers, Romania
 National Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria
 National Institute of Valuation (Inspen), Malaysia
 National Property Information Centre, Malaysia
 Neb Bank, South Africa
 Oriental Max, Penang
 P.A. Alvarez Properties & Development Corporation, Philippines
 Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates, Indonesia
 Phinma Property Holdings Corporation, Philippines
 Planning and Overseeing Daily Operations of Johor Land Berhad, Malaysia
 Planters DB Properties, Inc., Philippines
 Property Company of Friends, INC, Philippine
 Pt. Dharmala Intiland / Real Estate Indonesia, Indonesia
 Pt. Jaya Real Property Tbk., Indonesia
 Public Work Departement, Indonesia
 Putra Alam Hrncana (Developer), Indonesian Government Housing Bank, Indonesia
 Raine & Horne,
 Rastriya Banijya Bank, Nepal
 Real Estate Indonesia, Indonesia
 Realestate Indonesia AAPH (Asean Association for Planning and Housing), Indonesia
 Real Estate Indonesia / PT. Dutaperkasa Unggulestari, Indonesia
 Real Estate Indonesia / PT.Jaya Real Property Tbk., Indonesia
 Reed Midem, Hong Kong
 Regroup Associates (KL),
 R CiR Valuations, South Africa.
 Sabah Urban Development Corpu,
 Santos Land Development Corporation, Philippines
 Shah Alam City Counsil,
 SHDA Quaranty Fund Inc., Philippines
 Siam real estate, Phuket, Thailand
 Solar Resources Inc., Philippines
 Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc., Philippines
 Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc. / Firm Builders Realty, Philippines
 Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc./ Robinsons Homes Inc, Philippines
 Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation, Brunei
 Thien Po, Cambodia
 Tokyo Godo Kantei, Japan
 UBN. Property Company Limited, Nigeria
 UDA Holdings Bhd, Malaysia
 United States Department of State, USA.
 Valuation of Property Services Department, Malaysia
 Woodland Real Estate Development, Inc., Philippines
 Worldwide Holdings Berhad